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Adam’s Carpet Cleaning has been proudly servicing the Liverpool area for many years. We offer a premium carpet cleaning service at reasonable prices. Let’s face it – there are loads of carpet cleaners out there these days. Sometimes I think there are more carpet cleaners than carpets needing a clean!
There is alot of competition in this industry. So how do you know who you can trust with your cleaning needs?

  • A guarantee on workmanship
  • An upfront cost with no hidden charges
  • A Qualified and Professional Technician who can deliver outstanding results
  • A company that heavily invests in it’s equipment to ensure you receive optimal results everytime

Carpet Cleaning Liverpool – Commercial Carpet Cleaning Liverpool

Having a powerful truck mounted machine is the first step in ensuring carpets are cleaned to optimal levels.Our truck mount is one of the latest on the market and is legendary in powerful heat and vacuum – Elements which are crucial to ensuring a thorough carpet clean. Pet Urine, Blood, Red Wine, Chewing Gum, Paint, Dogs, Cats, Kids are no match to our carpet cleaning arsenal.

We also have a solution to heavily soiled carpet – the Rotovac 360i.
This amazing piece of equipment was designed to restore carpet which has seen it all and then some. The magic of this machine comes from the continuous spinning brushes which will ensure that all dirt, grime, dust is blasted out of the carpet. This picture shows the kind of results you can expect from this sort of treatment.

Tile Cleaning Liverpool

We can also clean tiles and grout and bring them back to near new appearance. Scrubbing with a toothbrush will clean your tiles, but the results achieved with our high pressured turbo head will surely impress. After cleaning we can also seal your tiles. Sealing prolongs the cleanliness of the tiles. It has a matt finish and repels soiling to the grout lines and tiles. It makes regular mopping and cleaning a breeze. Ask us for a demonstration the next time you get your carpets cleaned.

Water Damaged Carpet Liverpool – Flood Damage Liverpool Commercial or Residential

If you have been inundated with water due to a storm, a leak or burst pipe then you need to call us now. We do give priority to Emergency Flood Damage, Storm or Water Damaged Carpet. In most cases we can be at your premises within half an hour.Upon arrival we will inspect the damage and proceed with the following: Water Extraction, Anti-Browning treatment, Steam Cleaning, Deodorising. We also have 30 carpet dryers on hand. This ensures that we are fully equipped to handle large commercial spaces.

Upholstery Cleaning Liverpool – Leather Cleaning Liverpool

Your furnishings are just as important as your flooring. They too need to be routinely cleaned to ensure their longevity.With our Upholstery cleaning service, we will ensure your lounges are treated to a thorough clean on all sides. They will also be deodorised to ensure all germs and bacteria are killed and give a fresh scent.We can also clean and condition your leather. The cleaning will rid your leather of built up body sweat and grime and the conditioning will protect your leather and give it that like new feel.

Other Services

We do offer a host of other services including, Pet Urine Treatment, Scotchguard, Dust Mite Treatment to name a few. Please visit the other pages of our website for further information on our services and tips. You can also find a host of video examples of our work on YouTube as well as our valued client video testimonials. We do focus on the video testimonials as they cannot be faked.

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