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There Are A lot Of People Who Are Solely Price-Focused In The Carpet Cleaning Industry.

We Have Been In The Industry Long Enough To Realise Our Clients Need To Be Aware Of How To Make An Educated Based Decision When Choosing A Professional Carpet Cleaning Technician.

There’s A BIG Difference Between
The Lowest Price And The Best Quality.
So, What Do You Want?
Do You Want The Best Price Or Do You Want The Best Quality?
Do You Want A Combination Of BOTH?

You organise an appointment with a carpet cleaning company. They look really polished and professional. Their website was awesome with all of those wonderful magazine style pictures of smiling families sitting on clean cream carpets.

You decide to take up an amazing offer they had going. Four rooms and a free hallway for $65. A price like that is most certainly a headliner. Especially in these tough economic times when everyone is doing it tough Even small businesses.

When the carpet cleaner arrives, he inspects your carpet and starts making umming sounds and giving you funny looks. Looks, as if you have committed a crime of some sort.

As it turns out, your carpet is extra dirty and requires a heavy duty clean. Also, your rooms are oversized. It turns out that the $65 only covers a basic clean. Not the type of clean your carpet actually needs.

The price has now jumped to $165.00 and deodoriser will be an extra $15 per room.

You have just been a victim of the good old carpet cleaner trick of Bait and Switch. You have been baited with the cheap price and the switch is when you have to pay extra. But this saga doesn’t end there.

You now are faced with 2 choices. You can tell the carpet cleaner to leave or go ahead with the job. Sometimes you will have no choice but to go with the deal as you are moving house and need to return your keys to the real estate agent. Shonky carpet cleaners love this situation, when they know time is not on your side.

It’s not that you cannot pay the extra money because you are tight or cannot afford it. It’s the sheer fact that nobody likes being taken for a ride. Honesty is always the best policy and it’s the lack of it that has made you angry.

In any case, you have already gone to the trouble of moving all of your furniture around the house to accommodate the cleaner. And since this is your RDO, you have a day jam packed full of ‘to do’s’ that you need to get through. Against your better judgement, you decide to go ahead and get the carpet cleaning done and crossed off that darned list of to do’s.

The cleaning process is started – you notice a portable carpet cleaning machine being dragged into your house. You carpet cleaner uses his hoses to fill up the machine with your hot water (either from your kitchen or bathroom) and then plugs it in to your powerpoint.

Half an hour later he is packing all of his equipment into his van. He takes his money and drives off.

A day later the carpet is still wet and you are beginning to notice some musky smells. You call the carpet cleaner again and explain the situation. All he has to say is give it more time to dry and all will be good.

After a couple of days of putting up with wet carpet, you decide to call another carpet cleaning company. They assess the situation. There is too much water in the carpet. The carpet is starting to go brown and mouldy – as if it had been flooded. The professional carpet cleaner proceeds with special treatments to help remedy the situation.

Firstly, a pre-spray is used to loosen any dirt or grime, a high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is used to suck out all the wetness and an anti-browning formula is used to prevent any mould growth. Finally the carpet is fully deodorised and life gets back to normal.

Did You Know This Is Something Which Is Happening All Over Sydney.

Why Is This Happening ??

The carpet cleaning industry is un-regulated. There are no licensing requirements for operators. Some even operate without a registered business name or ABN number.

There are some voluntary associations available. They include the IICRC or Jena Dyco. These indicate that the carpet cleaner has undergone formal training and is certified.

Starting a carpet cleaning business can be a very easy thing to do. It’s relatively cheap these days to get a professional website up. Most content on these websites is copied from foreign carpet cleaning websites.

Newspaper and flyer advertising is quick and cheap to organise.

A portable carpet cleaning machine (similar to the Britex available for hire from Woolworths and Coles) can cost as low as $1000 to buy.

The Bait and Switch carpet cleaning operators are not looking to build a loyal, happy customer base. They know that their customers will most likely not call them back again. They are happy just to make a quick buck and run off to the next home.

Carpet Cleaning Scams

Carpet Cleaning Scams

As with alot of industries, the carpet cleaning industry has its fair share of bad seeds. We like to believe that most companies are honest, but there are some that are looking to scam the consumer. So, How do you avoid getting ripped off by a carpet cleaner scam.

Bait and Switch

This is the classic carpet cleaning rip-off. In this scam, the customer is lured in by a ridiculously low priced carpet cleaning offer. Often the ad you read will offer carpet cleaning for about $10 per room. There is no way that a company can be profitable selling its services that low.

But these operators usually have no intention of leaving your home with only the advertised amount. So how do they increase the bill after you have taken the “bait” of the low price?

Pre-Spray Scam

One way your bill is increased is by selling you pre-spray.

A Professional Carpet Cleaner will always use a pre-spray prior to steam cleaning. This will loosen any spots and stains and all the built up grime on the carpet surface.

Most legitimate companies include this in their pricing. That low price you have been lured by probably didn’t include pre-spray. It may have been $10 per room to clean your carpet with water only, but pre-spray will cost you an additional $15 per average room, plus deodorising is an extra $10 per room.That would be $25.00 per room extra.

So a 5 room home would go from the advertised carpet cleaning price of $50 to $175.00. Quite a difference.But what if you just refuse to pay for the pre-spray? Chances are you will get sub-standard cleaning or a rush job, but there is another way you can be forced to pay for the pre-spray.

You may be offered a demo to illustrate the benefits of using pre-spray on carpet. This isn’t necessarily bad, many good carpet cleaning companies do demos.

However, What Bait and Switch carpet cleaners will do is demonstrate in a highly visible area. (Usually right in the middle of your lounge room). If you decide not to pay for the extra service, you will have an extra clean spot in the middle of your carpet that will stick out like a sore thumb.

By doing this you are forced to pay the extra price.

Scotchguard Scam

Almost all carpet cleaning companies offer Scotchguard Protection at reasonable prices and carpet protectors themselves are good products.

This doesn’t become bait and switch until a company uses high pressure tactics. You may be told that your carpet will be ruined if you don’t have protection applied. This is simply not true. Protection will certainly extend the life of your carpet and help prevent permanent stains. But, You should never be pressured into buying it.

Also, beware of Scotchguard Protection which has been watered down to a fine mist of just water. Yes, there are some dodgy operators who will go to such extremes.

Top 5 Carpet Cleaner Tricks

Would You Like Your Carpet To Be Wet With Water From $65? This should be the Headline for carpet cleaners offering low prices! Because, most of the time, that is exactly what they will do.


If you look into a carpet cleaning offer, always look out for the word ‘from’. What that basically means is there is no way on earth you will be paying the low price advertised. You will most certainly be hit hard once the carpet cleaner arrives at your place.

Basic Clean

The ‘from’ price is always going to be for a basic clean. You will always be told that your carpet needs a heavy duty clean instead.

Your rooms are too big

An average sized room is approximately 4×4 sqm. Alot of operators will tell you that the average room is way smaller and use that as an excuse to charge you extra.

I Will Guarantee To Remove All The Stains

That is just simply not true. There are some stains which will be impossible to remove due to varying factors. This is all part of the baiting process. The carpet cleaner will tell you anything you want to hear to lure you in.

Fake Reviews

They are all over the net. The carpet cleaner will either make them up using fake names or use their family members. To prove our honesty and integrity in business, all of our reviews are from our real life customers via recorded video testimonials. Click this link to view them.

How To Ensure That You Are Not Duped Into A Bad Carpet Cleaning Deal ??

This is the Code Of Ethics that we work by. Each and Everyone of Our Clients Is Important To Us.

  • What you should be looking for when looking for a Carpet Cleaning Service is someone who is going to be upfront and honest.
  • The Carpet Cleaning company should first and utmost assure you of a complete guarantee on their work.
  • Their prices should be reasonable and upfront – no hidden or funny little quirks. (eg: $44 per room plus GST)
  • You should invest in a company who is looking for a long term working relationship with you. The reason is because there is so much competition for carpet cleaning companies nowadays. When a reputable company gets a job, it’s like gold. We will want to ensure that you are happy and become our customer for life. We will do this by giving you the best Carpet Cleaning experience we can.
  • We do invest heavily in our machinery and always ensure that you will be getting the latest most powerful cleaning trends available.
  • We will never give you the hard sell. We will offer our services to you in a clear and open manner and it is up to you what you take or not.
  • We are a family business. We do rely heavily on our customers support to keep us going. In turn, we will also look after you in any way we possibly can.