A bee infestation that requires professional pest removal services.

3 Signs You Need to Call Pest Control Services

Whether they’re insects or rodents, pests can be dangerous and have the potential to carry harmful diseases and spread them around. If not addressed immediately, pests can make nests in your home and begin to multiply exponentially. This is not just dangerous for residents, but can also harm the structure of your home; some pests, such as termites, feed away at it while they grow.

In order to avoid a growing pest problem, look out for these three signs.

Notice Damage on Your Property

If you see wood chips or sawdust in a place where there has been no construction recently, this may mean termites are eating their way into your home and are forming a nest. Similarly, other pests feed on fabric as well, so rough ends on carpets that are brand new or holes in bedsheets that are fresh out of storage may indicate moth infestations. If you notice any of these things, you should definitely take a closer look at the areas close by, and upon noticing any insects or other pests, contact a pest control service.

Notice Pest Droppings

Pest droppings can be as small as peppercorns or even ground pepper. If you see small black rounds anywhere in the house where they shouldn’t be, chances are their pest droppings. Noticing these often and in abundance means you may have a pest problem. If they appear over and over again in the same areas, you should definitely explore the corners or those areas, and upon finding any pests, call pest control services immediately.

Notice Scurrying or Crawling Sounds

If you hear scurrying sounds in your home often, and you don’t have pets, you could have a serious pest problem. Pests are careful not to bump into humans, so they try and hurry to their hiding spots if they see, hear or sense you approaching, which is why you may be hearing the occasional scurrying of tiny feet before you enter a room or your garage. If this is the case, these are probably rodents, and you should definitely call a pest control service to check it out.

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