The Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction System

For Superior Carpet Cleaning To Take Place,You Must Have A Truck Mount Machine with High Heat and Strong Vacuum.

Some Truck Mounts On The Market Have A Maximum Heat Level Of 60 Degrees. This Level Of Heat Will NOT Give You The Optimum Level Of Clean.

At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, Our State Of The Art Truck Mount Produces A Steady Heat Level Of 150 + Degrees Celcius.

What that means for you is a guaranteed deep down clean of any carpet, rug, lounge or mattress we clean.

The Sapphire Scientific 570 Truck Mount is:

  • Prized as the best carpet cleaning method by major carpet manufacturers.
  • Powerful extraction supports short drying time.
  • Legendary in flood clean-ups.
  • Thoroughly deep cleans, brightens and sanitises.
  • Optimises indoor air quality – stale, germ-laden air is discharged outdoors.
  • Proven superior soil, spot, stain, odor, pathogen and allergen removal.
  • Makes everything look, feel and smell like new!