Leather Cleaning

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Leather Cleaning Service:

Our operators are specially trained to clean and condition your valuable leather upholstery. Adam’s Leather Cleaning can improve the appearance, feel, and overall condition of your leather upholstery.

Our friendly technician will apply leather cleanser to remove all traces of soiling from the surface of the leather hide. This process takes some time and is completed by hand. This is because we want to restore your valuable furnishings to as close-to-new condition as possible.

After leather is professionally cleaned and restored, we apply a refinishing cream and a protective coating. This enhances the attractive look of the leather and protects it from spills and further wear & tear.

Does Leather Repels All Stains?

Generally leather repels most stains if blotted up immediately and most stains will dissipate with time. However, leather does absorb oils and the oil, perspiration and acids found on the human body, build up and become embedded in the leather causing serious damage.

Regular maintenance of your furnishings with Adam’s Leather Cleaning will ensure you add years to the life of your investment.

What does Adam’s Leather Cleaning do?

We will nourish and protect leather against colour fading, staining and scuffing as well as damage from heat, sun and moisture. Our Leather Cleaning products have no lasting odour of any kind and completely penetrate the leather. Our cleaning products won’t rub off on clothing and help prevent natural oils from the neck and hair from being absorbed into the furniture. Your furniture will not become sticky due to body heat or warm weather.

This is what our premium grade service includes:

We will turn up on time and in uniform (this is so that you can readily identify us before entering your home)

  • We will clear cushions off your leather lounge suite
  • Test for colour-fastness in an inconspicuous area of the lounge
  • Clean your leather using a white terry towel cloth
  • After cleaning, we will also apply a protective, conditioning coating (this will protect the leather from cracking and acts the same as a moisturiser would for your face)
  • Inspection of the leather lounge is conducted to ensure that you are happy with the service
  • Your leather lounge will be clean, shining and fresh – just like when you first bought it

Prevent Mildew on Leather

Correct storage of your leather items will prevent nasty mildew build-up.

Don’t store leather garments or shoes in completely sealed plastic bags. Allow the items to breathe. Leather garments or shoes stored in sealed bags will create a haven for mould and mildew.

If the leather gets wet (such as leather shoes) stuff them with dry newspaper. This will help the leather maintain its shape while drying, and also help absorb the moisture. Don’t wear them again until they have dried fully.

Try stuffing your leather bags with tissues or newspaper to help them maintain their shape and absorb any moisture due to humidity.

Call on us for some tender loving care for your leather products and upholstery. We can rejuvenate the leather and extend its life considerably. Here at Adams, we have experience and expertise cleaning, conditioning and even completely refurbishing leather goods.

Removing Mildew From Leather

Take one cup rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol and add one cup of water. Sponge on leather and let dry in a current of air. Or spray on with spray mister and also let dry in stream of air.

Ink Stains On Leather

One of the biggest nightmares on expensive leather furniture, shoes or jackets is ink stains. While our Leather Cleaning service will help prevent such stains from being so readily absorbed, what do you do if they already have been?

Important Note: Always test leather care products or cleaning products on an inconspicuous area such as the back of the chair, the inside arch of the shoe etc. Not all leather is the same.

ALCOHOL – Using rubbing alcohol can remove most ink stains. This type of alcohol is available from most pharmacies and grocery stores. Put it on a soft cloth and rub or dab the area gently and let it dry. Test first on an area that will not be seen to ensure the leather finish will not be affected.

ANTIBACTERIAL GEL – Rub a small amount into the stain. Let is sit for a few minutes and then rub it off. This method has been used successfully to remove ink stains from tan leather couches.

BABY WIPES – You may find this particularly useful in cleaning car leather interiors. The cleaning ingredients help disolve the stains, the wipes are non-abrasive and they also add some conditioning to the leather.