What is Fogging?

Fogging is known to disinfect the surface against germs; it’s a safe and effective method that uses a fogging machine to create fog in confined spaces. It’s a sanitisation method readily used in the food industry (especially to production areas) as mists or fogs to reduce airborne microorganisms and contaminants. The fine mist particles penetrate the furnishing to kill pathogens and viruses that linger on even after a conventional deep clean session. The treatment requires a few minutes but works best when given a few hours for the mist to settle on the surface and into the nooks and crannies for sanitisation to take effect fully.

The Effect of Fogging in Battling Viruses

The only way to counter the implications of lethal diseases and prevent ourselves from the vulnerabilities of getting sick is to amplify our hygiene practices in our homes and offices. Dispersing a disinfectant aerosol has proven to remove viruses and other biological agents from all kinds of horizontal surfaces and prevent the further spread of the pandemic. This hygiene protocol can shield your loved ones and employees from harmful pathogens, ensuring a healthy life and business continuity, respectively.

The Secret Ingredient

Our sanitising services regimen includes a secret ingredient — a natural anti-bacterial hard surface cleaner that banishes 99.999 percent of bacteria from hard surfaces. It has been carefully formulated to deep clean, sanitise, push out unpleasant odours and leave the surface sparkly clean—be it plastic, chrome, white goods, benchtops, or stainless steel. Moreover, its excellent cleaning properties allow it to cut through the toughest stains of grease and starch, leaving the surface protected.

The fluid can be paired with several variations of foggers to introduce ions into the fogging process that allow for better adherence onto porous and non-porous surfaces—i.e., turning on the fogger atomises the fluids and puts it into the air for disinfecting. The contractors at Adam’s Carper Cleaning are trained extensively to use the correct disinfecting chemicals and employ the right method for preventing any potential exposure to harmful virus or bacteria that leads to illnesses.

Fogging Services from Adam’s Carpet Cleaning

This isn’t the time to be lax on cleaning! Give Adam’s Carpet Cleaning a shout for proper sanitation cleaning services in Australia to minimise the risk the pandemic poses to your life; emotionally, physically, and financially. Avail office sanitisation, residential sanitising, or other disinfection services from Adam’s Carpet Cleaning in Sydney— so you can keep your business running safely and comfortably from the office or comfort of your home. Only specialist contractors at Adam’s Carpet Cleaning are licensed to conduct fogging using the antiviral disinfectant solution as a part of the deep clean regimen.

Leave us a message regarding the area you want to be disinfected, where you require pathogen testing, and if a report is required to ensure the efficiency of the disinfection process. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and walk you through scheduling the fogging service.

No more compromising on cleaning, sanitisantion, or disinfection with Adam’s Carpet Cleaning!