Removing Urine From Carpet

As much as we love our pets, there is probably nothing more irritating or frustrating then finding out they have urinated on your carpet, rug or lounge.

This is a common problem most Pet Lovers will experience at some point.

There are alot of DIY products on the market these days, but nothing will truly treat the problem better than Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning – using the Water Extraction Method.

Water Extraction is the process of actually washing the carpet (or Rug or Lounge). It involves the release and simultaneous extraction of boiling water onto the carpet. It is by far the most effective way of dealing with any urine in the carpet.

But Steam Cleaning will not solve the problem on its own. The success of treating urine damaged carpet depends on the professionalism of the Carpet Cleaner.

There are a number of methods that we employ to restore urine damaged carpet. The method we choose for your home will depend on the severity of the urine problem.

We do have tools which can measure and indicate where the urine is located in the carpet. Once this has been established we can start treating the problem. It’s how we apply the treatment to your carpet which is imperative in successfully dealing with the odour.

How do you know if you have a Urine problem at your home?

Firstly, the smell will always get you. Especially when a home hasn’t been ventilated. You will notice the strong musky smell will errupt on humid days.

Even though a urine patch on the carpet may have dried, it doesn’t mean that the actual urine has gone. It just means that all of the h20 component of the urine has evaporated and the strong odour causing components are concentrated into the backing of the carpet. The carpet backing remains moist for some time causing the odour. If your cat or dog has been several times in the one area, the backing of the carpet will become saturated with the concentrated urine and the odour will begin to spread and multiply.

With our specialised pet urine treatment, we are confident that 100% of the odour will disappear from your carpet.

The main reason we are so confident is because of the truck mounted equipment we use to restore such carpet. Our Truck Mount super heats water and is powered on a 31 hp kubota motor. This means that this machine is so powerful that it will suck out every little droplet of urine from your carpet and backing – no doubt about it.

We are also able to treat carpet affected with any Pet Vomit or Diarrhea.

Check out the pictures we have taken while one the job. Also some testimonials from our valued clients, who have had pet urine issues.

Urine in carpeting is a major problem that must be dealt with properly to ensure that no components of urine or smell gets left behind. Call on Adams to for urine clean up services that deliver the cleanest clean even against the most severe urine damage. Rest assured that we can clean your carpet of cat urine, dog urine or any other pet urine.

As always, we are here to help.

If you have any queries, or would like to book a clean, please contact us anytime on 1300 309 276 or