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5 Signs Your Room Has Bed Bugs

Can you guess two things that ruin our sleep the most? They have to nightmares and bed bugs. 

Bed bugs are wingless, oval-shaped, rust-coloured, pesky insects that feed on human blood. They can be as tiny as a sesame seed or as large as a rice grain. From carpets and upholstery to mattresses and bedsides, bed bugs can be a serious cause of concern anywhere in the commercial and residential areas. 

Fun (read: scary) fact: They can even hide inside electrical switchboards and sockets!

If you’re worried that your house has bed bugs, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at how you can identify if you have a bed bugs infestation. 

The History of Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs have been human’s worst enemies for thousands of years now. In ancient times, Egyptians spelled sacred, magic words to get rid of these insects. Sometimes, their magic worked, and the other times it went in vain. 

After World War II, people started using vacuum cleaners to kill these nasty creatures, and it showed promising results. Today in the 21st century, the latest weapon humans use to kill these bed bugs is pesticides. 

What Are Some Warning Signs of Bed Bugs? 

Here are some signs to validate the presence of bed bugs in your home. 

Sign# 01: Your Skin Shows Notable Changes 

While bed bugs aren’t fatal, they’re incredibly annoying and itchy. 

Bed bugs bite into your skin between midnight to 5 am and cause red itchy spots. If you notice these spots after waking up, don’t scratch them. Consult a doctor and call professional cleaners for an inspection. 

Sign # 02: Small Blood Stains on Your Bed Sheet

The bodies of bed bugs swell after excessive blood-sucking, and they become inactive. You involuntarily squash them on your bed sheet or the pyjamas, causing the sheet to stain. 

If you notice such stains, disassemble your bed for a quick inspection. 

Sign# 03: Musty, sock-like Smell

Large hordes of bed bugs release pheromones that have a strong, musty, and mouldy smell. If you smell this odour, it’s a sign of bed bug infestation. 

Sign# 04: Smudgy Faecal Spots

Bed bugs leave rusty-coloured faecal stains on mattresses and other furniture items. Such spots smudge on touching and release an unpleasant odour. 

Sign# 05: A Used Bed or a Second-Hand Furniture Item

According to a leading pest control company, bed bugs most likely enter your house through used furniture or discarded items. If you bought one, beware of these signs. 

Vacuuming your carpet can prevent bed bugs temporarilyHow to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Here are some home remedies to kill bed bugs:

  • De-clutter your bedroom and its surrounding;
  • Wash your bedding, curtains, and other linens in warm water;
  • Vacuum your sofas and bed as bed bugs hate warmth.

Remove Bed Bugs Permanently in Sydney 

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