7 Tips for A Stain-Free Carpet

Getting stubborn stains on your carpet is inevitable. It is a common issue in every house that has carpets—don’t worry, you’re not alone! Taking care of your carpet can make it last longer and keep your house as good as new.

Read ahead to find out some easy tips to prevent stains on your carpet.

1.    Protect It with A Stain-Resistant Coat

A stain-resistant layer can act as a barrier from all the dirt, preventing it from looking old and rugged. This can help you remove every kind of stain, no matter how stubborn it is, with less effort. You can either get carpets that have this treatment done or you always ask a carpet cleaning service to apply it for you. The stain-resistant layer can give you a longer time interval to clean up the stains without making it a permanent stain.

2.    Clean It Frequently

Vacuuming your carpet regularly gets rid of all the dirt and dust particles that have been stuck to the loom threads. Small food particles also get stuck to the surface of the carpet. This can attract insects and other microorganisms, which can lead to harmful diseases and infections. Carpet cleaning solutions and formulas are also a great way to clean them, giving an aromatic fragrance afterward.

3.    Keep Dirty Shoes Away

Shoes carry mud and dirt from the outside into your house. Stepping over the carpet with your shows not only damages the looms but build-up dirt and stain the carpet. Set up a shoe shelf right at your entrance to prevent your guests or family members from bringing them inside the house.

4.    Use Mats and Rugs

Plastic mats are a great way to help carpets stay stain-free. These act as a protective layer and can be easily cleaned and washed. You can place mats or rugs in frequently used areas and your dining room. The carpets are inexpensive so they can be easily replaced often.

5.    Clean Spills Immediately

If you have children around, your carpets are always under threat. You can also have a clumsy movement and spill something. Stains are unescapable but removing them immediately will avoid a solid stain on your carpet.

6.    Train Your Pets

Bathe your pets regularly or rinse them off before they enter your carpeted room to avoid paw prints on your carpet. In addition to that, potty train them to prevent urine or foul odour in the house.

7.    Get It Cleaned by a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

You can contact us to get your carpet deep cleaned and get rid of the stains. Our professional techniques and equipment will protect your carpet from damage and get it dried in a short while. Our residential carpet cleaning services in Sydney will give you a hassle-free experience. We also offer pet urine treatment and upholstery and lounge cleaning.

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