Carpet Cleaners – Environment friendly Tips

Carpet cleaning is often overlooked and this can cause serious health issues because your carpet is most prone to all kinds of stains, dirt and allergens. Filthy carpets are one of the best spots for bacteria or germs at home or in the office which makes regular carpet cleaning an important task. Carpet Cleaners remove the deepest dirt and toughest stains and leaves your carpet revived, clean and fresh. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning ensures that your carpets are cleaned naturally without using toxic chemicals.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaners recommends the following Environment friendly cleaning tips:

1.  You can always use vinegar and water to remove light stains. In order to avoid chemical rinse, use a non toxic soap instead.

2.  A dry paste made with borax, salt and vinegar can help in getting rid of heavy duty stains.

3. The simplest way to clean your carpet is by sprinkling little baking soda which will absorb moisture in the carpet and also will deodorize the area of carpet you choose to treat.

4.  Use of cornstarch and oil can rejuvenate your carpet and leave it smelling fresh and good. The cornstarch still will pull up odours and moisture, but the oil freshens the carpet, too.

5.  To clean and deodorize carpets, you can use liquid laundry soap of the non-bleach variety and liquid fabric softener.

Adam’s Carpet cleaners strongly adhere to environment friendly cleaning practices, which include using non toxic and biodegradable cleaning agents. Adam’s cleaning services are committed to provide top notch quality service at the best prices. Contact us to get the best quote.

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