Carpet Cleaners – Important Active Ingredients

There are wide varieties of active ingredients present in carpet cleaners, depending on the purpose of use and the strength of the ingredients. The mild carpet cleaners only contain water, fragrance, citrus juices and peroxide. Stronger cleaners, such as maintenance cleaners, contain hydroxyacetic acid, butoxyethanol, monohexyl ether, alcohol, bleaches and enzymes. Sometimes, the carpet is exposed to stubborn stains which require carpet cleaners containing effective ingredients to remove the stains and clean the carpet.
Mild carpet cleaning products such as Carpet Fresh contain mild, safe ingredients such as water, perfume and citrus that can be used frequently and safely. Heavy-duty carpet and maintenance cleaners with stronger ingredients are best used with gloves and ventilation. Always read the product instructions when using a carpet cleaner. Keep windows and doors open for ventilation and wear gloves. Some heavy-duty cleaners may also require a face mask. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning is certified annually by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (I.I.C.R.C.) , which means that you can be rest assured of immaculate customer service, high quality carpet cleaners and results which exceed your expectations.
When dealing with carpet, the less amount of dirt and stains that get into the carpet, the easier it will be to clean the carpet. Fact is that a well maintained carpet never requires harmful and strong carpet cleaners as it can be easily cleaned with mild carpet cleaners containing safe ingredients like water, surfactants, fragrance and peroxide. Sometimes it will be necessary to use products with the harsh chemicals because a stain has set in the carpet. When doing so, read and follow all of the safety rules for using the product.
Eco-friendly carpet cleaners are rather new to the market, but are keeping with the growing green trend. The hydrogen peroxide replaces the bleach used in standard carpet cleaners. With Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, you can be rest assured that you are dealing with a reliable and reputable company that gets the job done right.

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