Carpet Cleaners Sydney – Differences with Steam Cleaners

There are three classifications of carpet cleaning: shampoo, dry and steam. Shampoo and dry methods are called carpet cleaners Sydney while a water extraction method is called steam clean. Although each carpet cleaning method has its own set of benefits, there are often risks associated with the use of harsh chemicals. In case of shampoo carpet cleaners Sydney, it uses water and detergent to create a foamy substance which is then used by Carpet machines which scrub the surface of the carpet and apply special dyes which act as optical brighteners.

Carpet absorbent and carbonated cleaning methods are both classified as dry cleaning. The carpet absorbent method uses little water while carbonated cleaning uses more. Dry Carpet Cleaning is often preferred because of little to absolutely zero drying time and also the carbonated cleaning offers oxygenation for a deeper clean. Steam cleaning is preferred above all other methods because it cleans dirt beneath the surface and can be used on any type of carpet. Steam carpet cleaning is a misnomer, because no steam is used to clean the carpet. A more accurate name of the process is hot water extraction.

Dirt and debris trapped in the carpet fibres are removed with Steam Cleaners. Steam cleaning should always be done by professionals for best results. At Adam’s Carpet Cleaning, we offer our expertise, experience, quick turnaround superior service and the best in class customer service with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on all work we carry out. We pride ourselves on the high standards of quality and service we offer. We achieve this through the combination of well trained, experienced technicians coupled with the latest in carpet cleaning systems and technology. Shampoo and dry cleaning methods allow dirt and exhaust to linger within the home and can smell bad, but with steam cleaning carpet cleaners Sydney, the dirt and exhaust are released outside so the home smells fresh.

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