Carpet Cleaning Bondi

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning has been providing outstanding service to Bondi residents for many years. We have premium services at affordable prices.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning Bondi is full of competition. There are a lot of different companies, and it can be hard to decide who to choose. Here are some things that we deliver:

  • All work is fully guaranteed
  • We provide upfront quotes and do not have any hidden charges
  • All of our technicians are fully qualified and will deliver superior results
  • We invest heavily in our equipment to ensure we can provide the highest quality job for our clients

Carpet Cleaning Bondi

The first step towards ensuring the cleanest carpet is to have a machine mounted in a truck. Our truck mounted machine offers powerful heat and vacuum. These two elements are essential for a quality job. When you are looking for carpet cleaning Bondi providers should have the machines to finish any job.

We can remove red wine, paint, pet urine, blood and hair from dogs or cats.

Carpet cleaning Bondi – For the best results

Heavily soiled carpets can also benefit from the power of our rotovac 360i. This is a piece of equipment that is designed to restore carpet. The machine is unique because it includes spinning brushes that help blast the grime out of your carpet.

Tile Cleaning Bondi

Our technicians can also handle your entire tile cleaning needs. Bathroom and kitchens are high traffic areas, and tile and grout will quickly get dirt. Grout seems to be a magnet for dirt, and we have a high power machine that can achieve impressive results. We will also seal each of the tiles when we are finished with the cleaning. This will prolong the life of the tile and keeps water and dirt from getting behind the surface. This also makes it a breeze to mop the surface and keep it clean regularly.

Water Damaged Carpet Bondi – Flood Damage Bondi

Storms and other issues around the home can often lead to water standing on carpet. Burst pipes, leaky showers and faulty roofs are just a few of the jobs our technicians can handle. We have emergency staff that can respond to most homes in less than a half hour.