Carpet Cleaning Camden

Cleaning your carpets is definitely an aesthetic endeavor, but it goes much deeper than that. When Adam’s Carpet Cleaning gets finished cleaning your home carpets, your house will feel fresh and new. The colors of your home will be brighter and cleaner. The air you breathe will have a crispness and invigorating quality that you may have never experienced before.

Health professionals have known for a long time that the carpeting in your home acts like a gigantic air filter. There have been many studies that show when carpeting is kept clean the incidences of asthma and severe allergic reactions are minimised. Rugs and carpets trap dirt and dust. They also trap pollen that floats in the air, eventually collecting in your carpet. Your carpet is home to dust mites and dust mite feces.

When you vacuum your carpets you remove these pollutants and contaminants, plus the fleas, mites and their feces. Your carpet is now ready to continue its filtering job. But, the everyday vacuuming that a homeowner does is not up to the task of completely removing everything that is trapped within. Vacuuming done by the homeowner just scratches the surface.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to remove every last mite and every bit of dirt trapped in your carpet. We get out stains that you didn’t think was possible, and return your carpets to a “like new” condition. We have built a reputation for Carpet Cleaning in Camden as premier carpet cleaners with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. We know your family’s health depends on us.

If you are looking for the best Carpet Cleaning in Camden, or just have a question, please call us at 1300 309 276, or 0433 55 6687. You can also email us at

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning does much more than just Carpet Cleaning in Camden. We are specialists in tile cleaning and sealing. We get amazing results with our high pressure turbo head equipment and if requested we’ll seal the tile, so you can keep that fresh clean look for a very long time.


We also get high praises for our upholstery cleaning service, we clean all sides of your lounges and they will be treated with an anti germicide and anti bacterial deodorant, giving them the fragrance of a field of flowers.