Carpet Cleaning Coogee

Are you looking to have your carpets cleaned? Would you like a team of highly trained professionals who will come in to your home and clean your carpets with the latest equipment, removing stains that you thought would be impossible to remove, quickly and safely? Carpet Cleaning in Coogee has never been easier, if you choose the right company.

Adam’s Carpet Cleaning knows carpets inside and out. We know the best way to remove stubborn stains that have been in your carpet for a long time. We won’t make the mistakes that many newer carpet cleaning services make when trying to remove a stain. The techniques they use may actually cause the stain to become permanent, impossible to remove.

If you’re looking for Carpet Cleaning in Coogee, we’re the ones to call. We’ve built our reputation in Coogee as the most professional and courteous carpet cleaners in the industry. We offer the best prices on all our services and guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our work.

We’ve been called in to clean carpets that other companies have cleaned and failed to remove the stains. We arrived, worked our magic on these carpets and restored them to perfect condition. We Scotchgard treated these carpets and they kept their new look for a very long time.

Some other services we perform, besides Carpet Cleaning in Coogee:

  • Water damaged carpet: we’ll arrive quickly, in most cases in about a half hour. We’ll inspect the carpet, do a Water Extraction, Anti –Browning treatment, Steam Clean the carpet and deodorise it. You will not believe your eyes. The results are amazing.
  • With our 30 commercial dryers, we can easily handle large commercial jobs effortlessly.
  • We’re specialists in heavily soiled carpet and use the Rotovac 360i, you won’t believe the results.
  • Our upholstery cleaning is second-to-none. We’ll clean all your furniture completely and deodorize ii, leaving it bacteria and germ-free.
  • We can also clean your leather, removing sweat and grime and protect it with our conditioning treatment, making the leather look and feel new.
  • We offer tile cleaning with our high pressure turbo head and can also seal the tiles to make cleaning them in the future extremely easy.

Please contact us if you have any questions at all. We love helping in any way we can, and would love to bring you into our large family of satisfied customers.