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Carpets in offices, hotels and various public areas often suffer from daily stains, wear, odours and dirt. Even though all this is visible to the employees and customers, but it is important for the business owners to understand that healthy work environment is necessary for running a business in the best possible way.

Allergens, bacteria and dust build up in carpets means that your staff and customers may experience allergies and illnesses on frequent basis. This will result in reduced efficiency and productivity. Now employers are becoming conscious about the importance of indoor air quality and clean working environment for increasing efficiency.

The carpet cleaning Eastern Creek company is invaluable due to several reasons including use of industrial grade machines, extensive knowledge, eco-friendly cleaning products, and quick drying capability. A professional carpet cleaning Eastern Creek company also has knowledge about removing all types of dirt areas and stains, and offer tailored maintenance programs and advice on best possible methods for long term protection of your carpets.

The carpet cleaning Eastern Creek company has industrial carpet cleaning machines that have the power to remove all kinds of germs and bacteria that may be lurking deep inside the commercial carpets, ensuring a healthy and safe environment free of allergens. Adam’s Carpet Cleaning is the best carpet cleaner of choice for the Eastern Creek based residential and commercial customers. We have years of hands on experience in carpet cleaning, so you can expect the best possible service from us.

Eco-friendly systems, products, and working practices are important considerations for us. We offer effective and fast cleaning programs while working around your current business requirements. Regular office cleaners cannot deal with the stains on commercial carpets due to mud, drinks or oil. A professional company uses various techniques that are different than the ones used for residential premises.

Adam’s carpet cleaning company will vacuum out all surface dirt, soil and sand dust using industrial vacuum cleaners before initiating the cleaning process. Stains and spots are pre-treated using special cleaning agents and then carpets are sprayed with suitable cleaning agents. Special brushes are used for agitating the carpets to remove surface dirt that is there deep inside the carpet fibers.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your carpets remain clean and new like for years without any need for replacing them. This will save huge cost and often avoidable outlay for your business.

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  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If the customer has to reschedule or cancel the service for any reason, they must get in touch with us 24 hours in advance. The customer agrees to pay a cancellation/reschedule charge (minimum of $60.00 inclusive of GST) for administrative costs and loss in the event that the customer fails to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to ...

  • How long should a carpet clean take?

    We estimate that professional carpet cleaning for a room takes about 15-30 minutes. Please note: this is just an estimated time and may vary according to the carpets soiling.

  • What’s included in our carpet cleaning service?

    Our standard service includes Pre-inspection of the carpet, Pre-spray to break down soiling and Hot Water Extraction. We have many more services available to suit your carpet cleaning needs, including our comprehensive Pet Urine Treatment. We also offer Scotchguard protection and Deodorising.

  • What’s the difference between Steam and Dry Cleaning?

    Steam Cleaning is injecting hot cleaning solution into the carpet fibres and then extracting it. This process reaches the carpet’s roots and loosens the dirt and soil from the fibres. This heat also penetrates oil and fat stains. Dry Cleaning is when a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and then the carpet’s surface is agitated in a rotational ...

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    I had my lounge cleaned and scotch guarded today and I am extremely happy with the finished result. So clean and bright again.Very professional and courteous. Would recommend highly
    Best service and experience
    I'm really thankful for this professional cleaning carpet, always on time, very qualified, give a good services. It was an amazing experience, thank you for everything🌹
    I'm moving into a rental and the agent said the carpet which is old, had been cleaned but it was still very smelly, stained and matted. Adams truck carpet cleaning came and did a great job of removing the pet and other smells and most of the old stains and brightened it up a lot. I can now move in thankyou !
    Response from the owner: Many thanks for your support of our small business. We appreciate you. All the best to you in your new place.
    Great customer service and did an excellent job cleaning my carpet, dining chairs and even car seats. Highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟
    Had my lounges cleaned by technician named Naji. Arrived on time, did a great job. Reasonably priced. Upholstery looks like new. Very friendly guy. No problems.
    Response from the owner: Hi Cheryl, we appreciate your review and your support. Thank you.
    Just had my carpets cleaned and it is honestly like chalk and cheese! I have used other companies before but my carpet was always left overly wet and patchy! Thank you thank you thank you for cleaning my carpets. I am now a loyal customer!
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