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Has your messy carpet got you down? Call on Adam’s Carpet Cleaning Northern Suburbs area to take away those blues and leave your carpet looking brand new. Our carpet cleaning service has been serving the Northern Suburbs for many year, but we’re always happy to have a new customer.

When we say we’re a professional carpet cleaning service, we mean it. We’re fully licensed to work on residential and commercial carpets, all of our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about different carpet conditions, and we have the highest grade of equipment to be found anywhere.

Some people incorrectly assume that certain types of spills are forever. That’s not true. With the proper equipment, Adam’s is capable of cleaning away blood, wine, pet urine, and other tough stains that people usually give up on and just leave there wasting away on a carpet.

Everything starts with our staff. They receive continuous education and take in new information on how to clean carpets. We don’t just hire anyone. Our staff is already highly trained and reputable when they come aboard. We expect them to be friendly and professional with customers and know how to properly evaluable and give accurate estimates with no hidden charges.

Each member of our team knows how to best use the equipment we have. Among our advanced carpet cleaning Northern Suburbs devices is the Rotovac 360i and the Sapphire Scientific truck mount, two of the most advanced pieces of equipment around. The Rotovac 360i has continuous spinning brushes, and they’re powerful enough to wipe away even blood and pet urine. The Sapphire Scientific truck mount is in a class by itself, boasting powerful extraction capabilities and the ability to clean and sanitise even the most soiled carpets.

Adam’s cleaning service Northern Suburbs is here when you need us, and that means 24/7 service that’s always there when a spill occurs. We know that the sooner a spill is attended to, the greater the chance of not sustaining permanent damage. Our flood emergency service is on-call always and usually responds in only a half hour. We believe we’re the best. Call us or browse our carpet cleaning Northern Suburbs website to find out more about what we do and why we’re the carpet cleaning service for you.

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Got Questions?

Here is some popular question & answer
about our cleaning service
  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If the customer has to reschedule or cancel the service for any reason, they must get in touch with us 24 hours in advance. The customer agrees to pay a cancellation/reschedule charge (minimum of $60.00 inclusive of GST) for administrative costs and loss in the event that the customer fails to give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice prior to ...

  • How long should a carpet clean take?

    We estimate that professional carpet cleaning for a room takes about 15-30 minutes. Please note: this is just an estimated time and may vary according to the carpets soiling.

  • What’s included in our carpet cleaning service?

    Our standard service includes Pre-inspection of the carpet, Pre-spray to break down soiling and Hot Water Extraction. We have many more services available to suit your carpet cleaning needs, including our comprehensive Pet Urine Treatment. We also offer Scotchguard protection and Deodorising.

  • What’s the difference between Steam and Dry Cleaning?

    Steam Cleaning is injecting hot cleaning solution into the carpet fibres and then extracting it. This process reaches the carpet’s roots and loosens the dirt and soil from the fibres. This heat also penetrates oil and fat stains. Dry Cleaning is when a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet and then the carpet’s surface is agitated in a rotational ...

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