Carpet Cleaning – Portable Versus Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

There is no dearth of carpet cleaning machines for use in residential or commercial premises. They vary from compact movable brush cleaners to state-of-the-art truck mounts with all the bells and whistles. Truck mount Carpet Cleaning machines provide better power, reliability and ability to clean carpets better than portable extractors. Truck mount carpet cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning system that is more powerful and can be more effective than solvent-based methods.

There are more factors to consider, besides the performance of the equipment. The largest, portable carpet extractors have been dependable carpet cleaning machines for quite some time. They usually have no trouble generating the needed 212 degrees of heat for efficient steam extraction cleaning. Portable carpet extractors scan the surface of the carpets. So that means less power is needed to extract as the nozzle is directly in contact with the carpet’s surface. Truck mounts, on the other hand, need a couple hundred feet of hose to get the pump action to the carpet. A truck mount is perfectly designed for carpet cleaning in residential homes. The hoses can be directed into and around the house with hardly any impact to the customer.

Portable carpet cleaning, however, do have their own problems, including constant emptying and refilling, particularly on floors that may not provide access to a janitor’s closet. Truck mount systems and some commercial portables will also have a heat exchanger to raise the temperature of the supply solution. This raises the temperature of the supply solution from room temperature to a higher temperature, increasing its cleaning effectiveness. With Adam’s Carpet Cleaning’s use of only premium chemicals and solutions you can rest assure that you will be giving your carpet and fabrics the very best protection and stain resistance. When making a choice between truck mount or portable extractors, Adam’s Carpet Cleaning takes into consideration the customer’s needs, the size and scope of the building and the amount of money they want to invest.

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