Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

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Read on to find out what really happens when you are quoted an unbelieveably low price !

Carpet Cleaning Cheats Caught on Camera

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As the old saying goes – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is !!!

How many times have you seen such an eye-catching slogan and thought to yourself, WOW – that’s cheap and sounds like a good deal.

You make the call and once again you are quoted $45 on the phone and a promise to have your carpet cleaning done in a professional manner.

The day of the appointment – you have gone to the trouble of taking time off work – the kids are being babysat by a friend – you’ve also managed to get your husband to move the furniture around to accommodate the carpet cleaning.

10am and the carpet cleaner turns up. You are surprised to see an old Combie van that perhaps your great grandfather used to drive. Dirt and rust have painted an otherwise white van red and brown. Out comes this guy wearing ripped jeans, belly hanging out, big toe popping out of his dirty trainers. Already you are having second thoughts but you have done so much organising to have your Residential carpet cleaning done today, that you have no choice.

In comes Mr Professional carpet cleaning. ”Hello” he says. You show him around your home, noticing the dirty footprints he is leaving behind. Mr Professional Carpet Cleaning looks around and starts making funny faces and nodding his head. “Ok, this will cost you $200 plus GST”, he say’s. After fainting from the initial shock, you manage to gather your strength and ask for an explanation. After all, you were quoted $45. The ad also advertised the same price. Your friendly neighbourhood carpet cleaner explains that $45 is for a basic Residential carpet cleaning job. Your carpets need a thorough, industrial clean as they are apparently filthy and the rooms are oversized.

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You’re feeling duped and angry, but have no other time to get this re-organised. You allow Mr Professional Carpet Cleaning to do the job. He proceeds to bring in his old dirty looking machine. Similar to the one’s that Woolworths and Coles rent out. His machine looks a thousand years old and in need of a good clean itself. He connects his Residential carpet cleaning hoses to the kitchen hot water tap and proceeds.

After about an hour he claims to have finished. He hurriedly takes his $220 and rattles off. You stand in dismay in your lounge room. The carpet feels too wet. It will dry in 5 hours you were told, but you feel it will take much longer than that.

The next morning, the furniture is still scattered all over the house as the carpet is so wet, that you cannot return it to where it belongs. There is an overwhelming musty mildew smell in the house. Even worse some brown spots are starting to appear on the carpet.

You call Mr Professional Carpet Cleaning and explain the situation. Sorry, I’m too busy to come back to have a look at it, he says. I have had a lot of carpet cleaning experience, just give it more time to dry >> Supposed words of re-assurance.

Another day passes and if anything the smell is getting worse. Your husband ends up calling another recommended carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner arrives and immediately makes you feel better. His presence and equipment are much different. He is wearing a uniform and his shoes are not dirty. He doesn’t even use your hot water. He has a truck mounted machine. All he had to do was connect his hoses to the outside cold water tap.

After he has completed the carpet cleaning, you are amazed to see the difference. The carpet already feels and smells better. In fact, the disgusting odor that overtook the house for the past 2 days has completely gone. As promised the carpet fully dried in 2 hours and life went back to normal.

Sadly, this is not a story, but a reality for too many innocent people out there. There are professionals and there are the so-called professionals.

A truly professional Carpet Cleaning company should do the following

  • Give you an upfront quote – no hidden charges or gimmicks and especially no “From’s” (Meaning – from $45)
  • Offer a Carpet Cleaning Guarantee
  • Turn up in uniform and on time
  • Be courteous and mindful of your home
  • Perform carpet cleaning to the best of his ability


  • Be certified by the IICRC (this Carpet Cleaning Institute only certifies those who have been trained to the latest standards. Although this is not a requirement by law, only professional carpet cleaners will go to the trouble of investing in this certification).
  • Have the most up to date Residential carpet cleaning equipment available needed to perform the cleaning of your carpet to the highest standard.
  • Hold Public Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance.
  • Offer a detailed assessment and solution to your carpet’s needs.

It is recommended that carpets are vacuumed at least once a week and professionally steam cleaned every 6 months. This will help your carpet to retain its like-new condition. Other than the aesthetic reasons, the biggest reason for maintaining your carpet is Health Benefits for the family. All carpeting accumulates dirt, dust and grime from the backs of shoes, dropping and spills from food and drink, kids, pets, smoking etc.

Regular vacuuming helps to remove these particles from the carpet and helps to maintain its durability. Professional steam carpet cleaning will ensure your carpet’s life-span is pro-longed and guarantees a cleaner, healthier carpet.

The health benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning include:

  • Relief for Asthma and Allergy sufferers’.
  • A cleaner environment for crawling babies, who tend to put everything in their mouths.
  • General well-being in the home. If carpet accumulates a lot of dust and dirt, it tends to bounce around the room every time someone steps on it, or any other movement occurs. This aggravates the symptoms of allergy and asthma sufferers’ as it affects the homes air quality. Professional carpet steam cleaning can also help to alleviate this problem.

For the Pet Owners


Urine in carpet never really dries out. It seeps into the backing and stays wet for a very long time. When it gets humid, urine will pull the moisture from the air reactivating the odor. That’s why urine can smell years later.

  • A visible urine spot the size of a baseball may actually be the size of a dinner plate under the surface.
  • Our Spot and Odor Removal Program breaks down the chemical makeup of urine leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and water! How great is that!
  • Proteins in urine work like glue bonding the yellow pigment to carpet fibres.
  • Of course, as with any stain, timing is critical. The longer a spot is on your carpet, the higher the risk of colour loss or permanent discoloration.
  • If your pets have urinated in you home, you can be sure visitors can smell it, even if you can’t! That’s why you need to call a specialist today! Call us on 1300 309 276.


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For an Honest & Genuine Quote from a Certified & Licensed Professional Call – 1300 309 276