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The Detrimental Effects of a Dirty Mattress on Your Health

A mattress can adversely affect your health. Bet you’ve never given this a thought, though.

Would you wear the same clothes over and over again without ever washing them? The same goes for your mattress. You spend almost 8-10 hours in your bed every day. Over time the mattress can collect sweat, saliva, dead skin, and body oil. This can lead to many health problems.

The Expected Life of a Mattress

A high-quality mattress can last for years. According to the Consumer’s Report, a mattress that is well taken care of can last for 10 years.

A life expectancy of 10 years doesn’t mean that after installing a mattress, you’ll only have to worry about it in 10 years time. It is recommended to deep clean the mattress twice a year. For mattress cleaning in Sydney, you can opt for Adam’s Carpet Cleaning.

Dust Mites

The human body sheds about half a billion cells each day. Dead skin cells can settle in your mattress and become a source of nourishment for dust mites. Sounds disgusting, right? We could have dealt with it only sounding bad, but the real problem is that dust mites can flare up allergies and asthma. Allergies and asthma can cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and trouble sleeping.

Bacteria and Fungus

Human sweat can make your bed an ideal place for bacteria and fungi to colonize. Germs and bacteria thrive in your home, including your bed. If you have an old dirty mattress, chances are you aren’t sleeping alone. You are sharing your bed with yeast, mold, bacteria, and fungi.

dog sitting on a mattress

Pet Dander

Pet owners share the bed with their fur babies, who bring the dirt on their paws and fur onto your mattress. If your pets have fleas or ticks, they can also transfer onto your bed. Pet fur and dander can be a snack for the dust mites on your bed.

In short, all the bacteria, mites, and bed bugs can lead to various health problems like allergies, asthma attacks, and inflammation of the bronchus.

If you don’t want your bed to become a health hazard, it’s better to get it cleaned regularly. If you are looking to get your mattress professionally cleaned, reach out to Adam’s Carpet Cleaning.

We also offer a wide range of other cleaning services like carpet cleaning, leather cleaning, tile cleaning, and many others in Sydney, Melbourne, and Liverpool. For more information, contact us, and we’ll be happy to guide you.

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