Weekly vacuuming to maintain your carpet

Maintain your carpet with weekly vacuuming

Carpet is such a predominant feature of your home that it pays to keep it looking fresh and clean for yourself, your family and your visitors. To keep your carpets clean we recommend that you vacuum at least once per week and have them cleaned by a professional twice a year.

This is important as it helps keep the carpet looking new. Keeping your carpet looking good is just one reason to keep it well maintained, the other main reason are the health benefits. You see carpet is good at attracting dirt, grime and other nasties which aren’t good for any pets or children you might have running around.

Regular cleaning helps keep these kinds of things to a minimum by removing the dirt in question. After that a professional carpet cleaner can give it a steam clean which will help to eradicate any germs that may be left at a microscopic level.

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