A fabric sofa, which needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent staining and other damage.

Why You Should Treat Leather and Cloth Upholstery Differently

When it comes to home furniture and sofas, most people have two options: leather or cloth. Both have their benefits and drawbacks in terms of comfort, appearance, and strength.

While both leather and cloth are very similar in many ways, they differ significantly in how they are cleaned. If you want to get your money’s worth with your sofas, it’s important to know these maintenance tips.

Do This For Cloth Sofas

Cloth sofas are much more common than leather sofas, especially in Australia. These sofas are comfortable and exude a casual appearance. Cloth sofas are scratch-resistant, so they’re great to have in a house with pets.

However, there are drawbacks to cloth sofas, and they do need regular cleaning to stay in top condition. It’s very easy for fabric sofas to experience wear and tear, which will accelerate through the years. Additionally, fabrics with high natural content, like cotton, will deteriorate more easily.

Fabrics are also more prone to stain, much more so than leather. If there’s a stain, wash it immediately. Moreover, have your sofas cleaned every 3–4 months to get rid of the accumulation of sweat, oils, pet urine, and other odors.

A leather sofa, which needs to be regularly cleaned to prevent sweat and oil accumulation.

What Kind Of Damage Can I Expect With Leather Sofas?

Leather sofas have also become increasingly popular in recent years. Leather is synonymous with luxury and known for its sophisticated and alluring look. However, the leather furniture needs to be appropriately maintained and without proper cleaning can wear out pretty quickly.

Usually, leather furniture repels most stains, and most stains will disappear over time. However, leather does accumulate oil, sweat, and acid from people, and in the long run, this can cause significant damage to its surface.

Leather Cleaning: What’s the Best Route?

The best way to have leather cleaned is through a professional service. The technicians can identify what needs to be cleaned and how the cleaning needs to be done.

Generally, leather cleaning encompasses applying a leather cleanser to remove any stains on the sofa. This helps return your furniture to as new a condition as possible. After the process is done, the cleaning service would also include a refinishing cream and protective coating to maintain the leather’s appearance and protect it from future damage.

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