Common Carpet Stains And How To Get Rid Of Them

Carpet stains often seem like a death sentence. That daunting patch over your pristine carpet will make you rub and wash it continuously, but you’ll have to make sure that you don’t do more harm than good while cleaning your carpet.

The best decision you could make is to consult a professional. An experienced commercial and residential cleaning services in Sydney that can cater to your needs by cleaning and maintaining your soiled carpet to make it look brand new.

Types of carpet stains

Wine stain: Dropping wine, especially red wine, over a light-coloured carpet can feel horrible. Wine stains are tough to get off carpets and can damage their longevity if not cleaned properly.

Bloodstains: Injuries and accidents like cuts or bruises are bound to happen around your home, but if even the smallest amount of blood can cause a permanent stain on your carpet if not cleaned immediately. Blot this stain with cold water to prevent it from spreading and call an expert to take care of the rest.

Coffee stains: Coffee and tea are everyday beverages that we love to enjoy while relaxing on our couch, but at the same time, it’s a spill waiting to happen. These stains leave a yellowish-brown mark that seems almost impossible to remove.

Chewing gum: If gum falls on your carpet, it can quickly turn into a disgusting mess. To prevent further damage, call in a professional to take care of it all.

Pet stains: As 61% of homes in Australia have pets living in them, urine and other vomit stains are very common in households. We can’t get rid of our furry loved ones, but we can take care of these pesky stains.

Seek Professional Help

Online home remedies seem like a quick fix for your stain problems but often cause significant damages to your carpet.

Why choose Adam’s Carpet Cleaning?

Well, because we thoroughly examine your carpet’s stain before preparing a treatment plan for it. Not many cleaning companies out there guarantee stain removal, and very few fulfil it.

Our expert cleaners are trained in the art of correcting stain damages. With a wide range of services like cat and dog urine clean-up, flood-damaged carpets cleaning, leather cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, and pest control service in Sydney, we can take care of your home like no one else.

Visit our website and schedule your cleaning appointment today.

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